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Have you been looking into a provider of Infrastructure as a Service in Australia? If it’s time to enhance your performance and reduce costs, speak to 5G Networks about our infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Our managed services help customers adapt to technological innovations faster while freeing up capital for other business development goals. As the leading team for IaaS hosting in Australia, we’re able to offer a superior service to customers of all descriptions.
Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

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What is IaaS?

IaaS offers computing infrastructure in the form of an in-house or cloud computing service, as opposed to the capital investment that would be required previously. Blending Hardware as a Service and Software as a Service models, IaaS allows customers to hire the resources they require instead of purchasing hardware and software. This off-premise infrastructure will include both physical and virtual computer resources, network infrastructure and scalable storage, all backed by our expert support.

This equips your business with a multi-layered strategy that’s hosted in a secure data centre facility. Scalable to any business and significantly cheaper than maintaining an internal system, speak to 5G Networks today about our IaaS hosting Australia-wide.

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

So why opt for IaaS? IaaS with 5G Networks offers:

  • Fantastic scalability – IaaS makes it easy to increase or decrease aspects of your network in real-time, responding to business needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness – IaaS limits the amount of in-house infrastructure needed, allowing you to retain more of your capital to reinvest in other branches of the business.
  • Superior IT resources – IaaS makes it possible to enjoy enterprise-level IT resources without the financial commitment. Our experts manage your network and address any issues early on, resolving problems before they become apparent.
  • Greater resilience – IaaS ensures your business is prepared for the worst case scenario. IaaS cloud infrastructure is hosted in secure, purpose-data centres to enable business continuity and prompt disaster recovery.

Implement IaaS at your organisation today

Interested in utilising IaaS at your organisation? 5G Networks have the experience necessary to help you transition to IaaS, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity and minimising downtime. Find a flexible solution with 5G Networks today, or look into our CaaS, DraaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions to further support and elevate your business.

Data Centre Networking

Access more than 1000+ networks via flexible direct connect, peering and 5GN cloud services. Flexibly build a hybrid cloud by interconnecting offices, data centres and public cloud providers of your choice.


5GN Data Centre colocation services help you safeguard your mission critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability, coupled with ISO accreditation, 24/7 onsite security and proven expertise in supporting high-density deployments.

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