5GN CloudPort provides scalable connectivity between multiple data centres, clouds and network environments.

CloudPort enables the creation of private point-to-point connectivity by utilising 5GN’s state-of-the-art Ethernet fabric network between a customer connected on any of 5GN’s POPs and a host of DCs, 5GN private cloud, multiple public clouds and other services.

5GN Cloudport cloud platform

Global Points of Presence (PoPs)

5GN has deployed global network infrastructure with an ever-increasing list of on-net data centres and POPs. Our infrastructure is located in major Australian metropolitan areas and extends to Singapore, New Zealand, Japan and the United States. Once connected to this network, a customer can create virtual network connections to any POP and its connected services.

CloudPort Services

5GN CloudPort Services are transparent Layer 2 services offering:

  • Secure and private point-to-point connectivity between your physical data centre or site and other data centres, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and other services
  • Connect once and build multiple connections using the same physical port
  • Flexible bandwidth options from 100Mbps to 10Gbps with an ability to increase or decrease your bandwidth as your business demand changes
  • Guaranteed bandwidth without any network contention
  • Metro, National and International coverage

Data Centre Connect

Data Centre Connect utlises 5G Networks’ Ethernet network fabric and provides flexible connectivity between any two CloudPorts on the network to create scalable and agile networks.

IP Transit

5GN IP Transit provides direct peering with Tier-1 carriers, major backbone and content providers using low latency secure Internet access through 5GN PoPs

Internet Gateway

Internet Gateway provides standard/contended data centre Internet access for cost-effective deployment options. Internet Gateway is available in both committed bandwidth and throughput data usage billing models.