A single rate for each dark fibre link, regardless of the distance

80 Data centres

We offer connections between all the major data centres in Australia

Choose your 5

Simply select 5 locations within Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Brisbane

5 year price guarantee

Commit now and save yourself a packet later

Take control of your connectivity with 5GN’s dark fibre solutions. Our comprehensive network gives you the flexibility to decide how, when, and where to connect without the need to build your own network.

We’re building links to more than 80 data centres and by pre-ordering 5 locations now, you can save yourself a packet later!

Lock in a great monthly price of $750 per link for 5 years, without paying until each link is activated. Simply choose 5 locations within any city, then fill in the form with your details. Our Dark Fibre sales team will contact you directly to confirm and complete your order.

What is 5GN Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre refers to Network Fibre Optic Cables which have been laid in the ground to physically connect different buildings and data centres. Since digging and laying down cables is a huge investment, 5GN has provisioned significant excess capacity in those cables for them to be leased by different companies. This is unlit and unmonitored passive optical path that requires you to connect your own active equipment at each end.

Benefits of 5GN Dark Fibre

Single Price in Metro

Unlike other companies who charge for dark fibre based on distance, we offer a simple pricing structure for our dark fibre solutions, allowing you to connect any two data centres within the same metropolitan area for a single price.

Bandwidth Scalability

Dark Fibre offers unmatched flexibility for scaling your bandwidth to meet your changing requirements. By updating the equipment at each end, you can easily increase your capacity as needed. With a single pair of dark fibre supporting multiple terabits (Tbps) of capacity, our solutions are equipped to handle even the most demanding data needs.

Privacy and Security

Your network is solely dedicated to your business and is never shared with others, ensuring your peace of mind and regulatory compliance. Experience the benefits of an exclusive network with our 100% private Dark Fibre solutions.

Control and Flexibility

You have the flexibility to add your own equipment and build bespoke network solutions that meet your business needs. You control which bandwidths and network protocols to use, allowing you to customise your network to your liking.

Route Diversity

Network route diversity is critical to protect your business. With our Dark Fibre network solutions, you can design a graphically diverse network that provides a secondary path or is separate from other routes you may currently use.

Key Features of 5GN Dark Fibre

The 5GN Dark Fibre service provides each customer with a dedicated fibre pair that they can manage entirely. Our service offers:

  • Connectivity to over 80 data centres in major metropolitan areas across Australia
  • Compliant with ITU-T G.652 single-mode optical fibre standards
  • Complete privacy and control. Each dark fibre pair is exclusive, and customers can deploy their own equipment for management and control
  • The ability to connect near-net buildings and data centres based on market demand
  • Predictable costs with flexible payment and contract terms

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