Internet Plans & Services For Australian Businesses

From the supply chain down to customer service, many businesses like yours rely on internet services to run smoothly. Having 5GN Business Internet can increase connection speeds compared to alternate internet plans, translating into higher work efficiencies in every aspect of your business. If you are trying to tap into the e-commerce market or need reliable connection for your Australian business, enterprise grade internet services can make a difference.

Choose 5GN Business Internet Service For Your Australian Business

Regardless of your location, we are here to connect your business to the rest of Australia and the world. It does not matter whether you are based in a small office in metropolitan areas or regional home office, we offer you broadband plans with a variety of bandwidth options to suit your business needs. Not to mention, our prices are very competitive in the market so you get the most value out of your data and broadband services. As one of the fastest growing service providers here in Australia, we are able to respond to your business faster than the larger, traditional providers. Combining a large national army of service teams and field engineers, we are able to resolve technical issues and access problems quickly for our customers so they can get on with running and managing their business.

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How Our Business grade Internet Differs

Running a business is often complex and challenging, especially when you are navigating the digital space. Unlike consumer internet services, business internet service providers like us offer internet access that is conducive for operating a business. Regardless of whether you are a medium-sized organisation, or corporate enterprise in Australia, having dedicated enterprise grade internet services from providers who manage and operate data infrastructure will accelerate the speed of your online business operations.

Not Your Average Business Internet Providers 

Unlike many service providers, we understand that one size does not fit all. Your business has a unique profile and may experience a wide range of changes in the next five to ten years. This is why 5G Networks Business Internet is part of a suite of customised digital solutions offered. From fibre connectivity to business phone systems, cloud applications, data centre services and more, you only select what your business requires but can opt to scale up or down in the future depending on your business outlook.

We also have our service team, located right here in Australia to help you navigate through any issues you may encounter. Speak to us to learn more about how 5G Networks Business Internet can help your small or medium business today.

Product Offerings

Premium Ethernet

The flexible way to connect to your data and applications at ultra- high speeds with minimal latency. Powered by the secure 5GN Managed Network, we connect your business to the cloud, data centre and beyond.

Business Internet (NBN)

Ultra-speed internet services designed to support your mission critical business applications, whilst providing a consistent, seamless experience, using the 5G Networks ultra-speed network.

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