M365 Backup ensures rapid recovery to support data retention and corporate compliance

Australian businesses are increasingly adopting cloud services for various functions within their organisations. One of the most widely adopted applications by Australian businesses is Microsoft Office 365 (M365). M365 provides a wide range of software applications, including email, document sharing and unified communications that increase workflow productivity across all business functions.

Limited Backups & Retention Policy Gaps

While M365 provides a limited degree of data protection due to loss of service as well as other rare, unforeseen situations, there are limitations to Microsoft backups of the M365 suite. In addition, operating businesses need to adhere to legal and compliance requirements which may not be covered by M365’s retention policy. This means that, should an event occur where you require fast data recovery to resume normal operations and continue with business as usual, Microsoft’s standard data protection policy may not be able help.

Additionally, Microsoft data retention is limited to a 30 day recycle bin, and only 14 days for Sharepoint data. Retention and compliance requirements beyond this require partner solutions.

Data Security Breaches After Migration

Many companies that do take up M365 for their reliability and uptime are unaware that they may be exposing themselves to data management and security risks. They are of the mindset that once M365 adoption is complete, they can rely on it for any corrupted data recovery at any time since, everything is stored on cloud.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Since not every company has the resources and capabilities readily available to engage in professional services, companies may find themselves more exposed to customer data security and compliance risks than before the switch. This is especially the case if operate in certain sectors or industries which deals with user or customer data collection. A M365 backup will be able to bridge the gaps of M365 standard data protection policy as part of an effective data management and security plan.

Risk Management on M365

For companies that require M365 data compliance, it is important to understand the current framework on which your company processes and stores data, and identify your risk exposure.

A robust risk management strategy needs to account for all types of situations including user or administration error, security breaches, as well as compliance with regulatory standards for data security and privacy laws.

Partner solutions for M365 backup support risk management strategy, disaster recovery and corporate compliance with your company’s data stored and protected in a secure library. This means your company is prepared for any situations where data recovery is required, including at a short notice. Mitigate your company’s risk associations and be ready for any corporate compliance audits with a reliable backup plan for your M365 environment.

5G Networks M365 Backup for Corporate Compliance

Failing corporate compliance can be a costly mistake resulting in repercussions that can be felt many years after. Aside from heavy penalties, it takes a long time for external institutions and investors to regain confidence in the business and the brand. This is why corporate compliance is crucial and a sustainable system is needed to help achieve optimal compliance.

M365 backup provides the compliance and retention of data that is required of a reliable backup solution. At 5G Networks, our M365 backup service can help your business meet regulatory compliance for long-term data retention of 5 years or more. Depending on your industry, longer term data retention may be preferred for regulatory compliance and can be selected when you partner with us. Aside from protecting your business data with end-to-end encryption, you will also be able to access your backup data anytime with a 24/7 self-service backup portal.

M365 Backup: The 5GN Difference

Whether it is application support, customer experience or support service, we provide complete management service and accountability for our M365 backup service as we own the equipment and data centres where your M365 backup data will be stored. This means you will receive service that is tailored for your business and will be supported with fast response and resolutions by our local care team should you ever require assistance.

Meet corporate compliance and more with Australia’s leading digital services provider. Contact us to learn more about our secure backup service today.

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5G Networks’ private cloud data archive service utilises a combination of next-generation technologies to backup and replicate your data to secure, off-site storage, automatically.
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