With the uptake of dark fibre technology increasing every day, it’s important to understand how this type of network can improve the performance of your business and provide a sharp advantage over your competitors. Alongside huge benefits to data speeds, reliability and privacy, one of the clearest perks is found in dark fibre’s sheer scalability.

As companies look to activate these unlit fibre optic cables and generate their own privately managed network infrastructure, dark fibre offers an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of growth strategies, equipment purchasing, cost management and more. Here, we take a brief look at how your business can skyrocket its success thanks to this technology’s wonderfully adaptive features.

Upgrade Equipment Whenever Needed

If you decide to start a dark fibre network for your organisation, you’ll handle exactly how it operates. With the power to purchase and install equipment as you please, companies can improve or adapt their connection as they see fit. As your business continues to scale its services, you can install new equipment that ensures you can keep up with demand.

You also won’t have to purchase extra bandwidth as you can simply assign it yourself. As the amount of bandwidth on a dark fibre network is essentially uncapped, the only limitation placed on your speeds is the quality of technology you use. As the scale of your company grows, so can your dark fibre network.

Switch On and Off

As companies are completely in charge of how they develop their dark fibre, there’s the possibility to scale up and down the extent of your network whenever you please. This is because your fibre-optic cables don’t have to be turned on all the time. If you happen to experience a period of lower demand, you can actually switch off unnecessary dark fibre lines to ensure maximum efficiency.

Part of what makes this possible is that dark fibre cables can be quickly relit as you desire. This ensures your dark fibre network can grow at the same pace as your overarching business, helping you keep costs down and perfectly aligned with your needs. As more dark fibre lines are easy to add, you won’t get caught out by huge surges in demand.

Transparent Costs

Once a company purchases or leases fibre-optic infrastructure from their provider, they are entirely in control of how they utilise it. Although this is great for expanding your network and meeting your needs, it’s also massively beneficial if you want to keep close tabs on your costs. As your business makes all the decisions regarding the technology and services added to your dark fibre network, you can budget accordingly and plan for the future.

Take Charge of Strategy

 With a dark fibre network at your disposal, you won’t have to rely on the whims of your internet service provider, ensuring their decisions don’t have any impact on your business’ growth or profitability. This is undoubtedly one of the main positives of establishing a dark fibre network for your business as you can have complete say over your company’s direction.

Companies that pay for a traditional network give up the ability to manage their connection in the way that benefits them most. However, dark fibre allows organisations to carefully plan and execute a networking solution that caters entirely to their business. From data speeds and services to overall costs, dark fibre networks are the best way to scale your business in the most personalised way.

Talk to the Experts

Although dark fibre networks are a relatively new technology, they provide great benefits to savvy organisations who understand their precise needs. If you’re looking to establish your own dark fibre network and scale appropriately, chat to the team at 5G Networks. Our highly qualified telecommunications professionals can help your business make the best decisions. Contact our friendly Australia-based customer service team to find out more today.

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