Fixed wireless internet is the super fast alternative to fibre, providing secure and symmetrical speeds.

Often, businesses question the wireless internet speeds and whether 20, 50 or 100Mbps is suitable for the size of their business.

What is suitable for your business?

5G Networks have the capacity to provide wireless internet speeds from 10Mbps to 350Mbps, suitable for businesses ranging from 1 to 400 employees.

Narrowing down the speeds a business requires, comes down to the applications used. However, no business is the same. Although most businesses may be running cloud based CRMs, cloud based accounting software and Gmail or Office 365, businesses utilise these services to different measures.

Therefore, a business with a team of 20 may be utilising 100Mbps and a business with a team of 50 may be utilising 50Mbps. Ultimately, it all comes down to how you are using your internet. If your team of 50 is using Microsoft Office 365, a cloud based CRM and various other applications, you may require 100Mbps to gain the most value out of your cloud based applications and to provide your team an efficient platform.

The 5G Networks wireless network provides the control, responsiveness and upload and download speeds to fully capture the advantages of cloud based computing and extreme Netflix usage.

What if your business needs faster internet?

The luxury of fixed wireless is that it is scalable. If your business is rapidly growing or using more cloud based applications, you can increase your internet speeds almost immediately.

How quickly can fixed wireless be installed?

Installation is super quick compared to fibre. 5G Networks can have your business up and running on our wireless network within days, providing that your business is within our coverage areas – see below.

5G Networks Fixed Wireless is now live in Melbourne