We’re proud to be able to highlight that 5G Networks conducts ongoing audits with our consulting partners for certification activities. They’re not only crucial to comply with ISO Standards requirements, but importantly enable our organisation to maintain the management systems in which we invest and support across our data centres and offices.

The following table highlights our most recent certification and compliance activity which has been keeping us busy in this important management function.

ISO – 27001 – Information Security

  • Level 7, 505 Little Collins St, Melbourne
  • Level 1, 99 Gawler Pl, Adelaide
  • Level 2, 340 Findon Rd, Kidman Pk, Adelaide (DC)
  • Level 15, 530 Collins St, Melbourne (DC)
  • 55 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont, Sydney (DC)
  • Unit 17, 39 Herbert St, St Leonards, Sydney (DC)

ISO – 9001 – Quality Assurance
ISO- 14001 – Environmental Management Systems
ISO- 45001 – OHS

  • Level 7, 505 Little  Collins St, Melbourne
  • Level 1 , 99 Gawler Pl, Adelaide
  • Level 2, 340 Findon Rd, Kidman Pk, Adelaide (DC)

By investing and maintaining our certifications, we deliver several benefits to our customers. The benefits of 5GN performing and achieving certification compliance include the following:

Continual improvement of the 5GN management systems which results in improved service delivery for customer satisfaction, cost reduction, system control and evidence-based decision making.

Compliance and alignment with business, legal and industry changes, and disruptions through regular review of legal and industry requirements, the business’ strategy, trends, objectives and targets, risks, and opportunities.

Executive and Leadership commitment brings involvement of senior management in the management system implementation and ongoing operations.

A reduced number of injuries, incidents, accidents, near misses, non-conformances through a documented risk-based approach and improved processes.

Employee engagement  and commitment to achieve the best results through a systemised and documented approach.

Inclusion of stakeholders  at all levels through ongoing communication, seeking and implementing feedback, documented lessons learned.

We trust this article outlines the critical importance 5G Network’s place on ISO certifications and the strategic focus on compliance. It also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering service quality and value to our customers. By investing and managing our business systems on an ongoing basis, the results underpin not only successful ISO Certification compliance but also continued business improvement.