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A seamless and cost effective IP based connection, allowing you to make calls from your existing phone systems. 5GN SIP Trunking enables self-paced migration from existing voice infrastructure to a simplified and future proof collaboration platform.

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Signalling Protocols• SIP over UDP
• SIP over TCP
Direct Number Availability (DID)• Australia
• New Zealand
Calling Line ID• Present/hide using RFC3325 Privacy header
• Present/hide using a prefix
• Present any of trunk DIDs (RFC3325)
• Overstamp CLI for any call via SIP trunk
NAT/Firewall Traversal• Automatic NAT traversal for RTP
• Keep-alive packets for idle SIP trunks
Security• Only Australian IPs are allowed to connect by default*
• Requires mandatory registration using username and password
• Outgoing calling profiles can be applied to restrict different types of calls
Codecs Supported• G.711A
• G.711u
Numbering Plan for CLI, CLDNational dial-plan (i.e. 10 digits for AU geographical numbers, 0011 for international access)
Redundancy• SBCs are available for SIP registrations in VIC and QLD (the same user cannot register twice)
• Multiple pilot users provisioning with no additional charge
• Simultaneous registration of different pilot users belonging to the same SIP trunk
• Overflow, load-balancing, least or most idle routing policies are available to distribute calls among registered pilot users
• Route exhaust action to send calls to an external number in case if SIP trunk is unregistered or unreachable (customer site is down)
Scalability• Instant upgrade for number of channels
• Add or remove DID to/from SIP trunk without service interruption
• On-Net routing for voice services

* SIP enabled phone systems

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