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In today’s digital age, domain names are an essential asset for businesses of all sizes. But managing multiple domain names can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to renewals. Neglecting to renew your domains can leave them vulnerable to domain squatters and phishing sites, which can severely damage your web presence and business reputation.

At 5G Networks, we understand the importance of careful domain name management. Our specialist domain name management service provides expert assistance in renewals, transfers, and registrations. We help you safeguard your digital assets and ensure optimal web presence and security.

How Domain Portfolio Solutions (DPS) can help

Brand protection

At 5G Networks, we can proactively safeguard your important domain names on the World Wide Web, ensuring your business, products, and services are protected. Here's what we offer:

Managing the end-to-end service

Our professional team provides comprehensive domain name management, including:

Reliable and robust security

We offer robust security measures to ensure that your domains remain safe. Our security includes:

Additional benefits for your business

Onboarding and Audit

We conduct a thorough audit of your domain portfolio to ensure accuracy and optimise performance.

Closing the gaps

We provide protection against competitors and cybercriminals attempting to register domain names similar to yours, such as:

Pro-active involvement

We offer expert advice on domain name issues, branding strategies, and domain name infringements. We help your business grow with advice on the best domain names for different markets and work proactively with your marketing team on current and future campaigns.

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About 5G Networks Domain Portfolio Solutions

Who we are

5G Networks Domain Portfolio Solutions (DPS) is an Australian-based, domain management service for enterprises.

We safeguard your online intellectual property against loss or theft, accidental or intentional. We protect your digital assets by performing all the services necessary to successfully manage your domain name portfolio, no matter how large and complicated it may be.

Why you need us

Managing domain names is becoming increasingly complex, making it difficult for businesses to protect their brand and secure their domain name registrations.

At 5G Networks, we offer a solution by providing a dedicated account manager with extensive experience in domain name and account management. Our team takes the work and worry off your hands, ensuring your domain name portfolio is always secure and optimally managed.

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^Free audit on up to 50 domains, valued at up to $500. Includes checking publicly available registrant details. Valid for new customers only.

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