Don’t risk losing your domain names

If your organisation is like many others, then you’re probably managing more than just a few domain names.  And if you’re not, then you’re leaving yourself open to losing them to a competitor or one of the many bad actors that seek out domains to register and hold to ransom. 

Sometimes large organisations accidentally forget to re-register their domains, or they think it’s not critical and they’ll get to it at some point. Letting a domain lapse means it’s vulnerable to being re-registered by a squatter or developed into a phishing site. This is not only damaging to your web presence, but your business reputation as a whole.

Careful management of your domain names is imperative for avoiding these kinds of potential disasters. And the solution is easy: engage a specialist domain name management service like the one provided by 5G Networks. 

How Domain Portfolio Solutions (DPS) can help

Brand protection

Important domain names are proactively safeguarded for you on the World Wide Web.

Managing the end-to-end service

All aspects of your domain name management are taken care of by our professional team.

Reliable and robust security

We have implemented robust security measures to ensure that your domains remain secure with us.

Additional benefits for your business

Onboarding and Audit

We'll audit every domain in your portfolio to ensure each has:

Closing the gaps

We'll stop competitors or criminals registering domain names similar to yours. These could be:

Pro-active involvement

We'll provide expert advice on domain name issues, online branding strategies, domain infringement issues.

We'll help you grow, with advice on the best domain names for the different markets and work proactively with your marketing team on current and future campaigns.

Get the scoop on domain name portfolio protection

About 5G Networks Domain Portfolio Solutions

Who we are

5G Networks Domain Portfolio Solutions (DPS) is an Australian-based, domain management service for enterprises.

We help to eliminate the risk of loss or theft, either by accident or malicious intent, of your online intellectual property. We protect your digital assets by performing all the services necessary to succesfully manage your domain name portfolio, no matter how large and complicated it may be.

Why you need us

The complexity of the domain name environment is increasing. It's complex to protect your brand and manage the multitude of domain name registrations most businesses must now secure.

We provide you a dedicated account manager to take the work and worry off your hands. With extensive experience in domain name and account management, our team will ensure your domain name portfolio is always secure and optimally managed.

Speak to us today

We can give your domain name portfolio the protection and care it needs. Contact us today for a FREE audit^ by one of our domain specialists.

^Free audit on up to 50 domains, valued at up to $500. Includes checking publicly available registrant details. Valid for new customers only.

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