Data Infrastructure and Network Services provider, 5G Networks (ASX:5GN), has today launched their national Dark Fibre offer which has been enabled by their ongoing metro fibre build for the Australian business market.

Dark fibre gives companies full control over their network equipment and connection settings. It allows them to install their own equipment at either end, providing flexibility, reducing duplication of building efforts and speeding up access to the bandwidth required for the latest in cloud connectivity.

5GN are now offering dark fibre access to any of the inter-connected data centres in each metro region for only $750/month each on a 5-year contract. Partners will need to commit to minimum of 5 links and sign prior to build being completed; choices are diverse and can include fibre sections up to 25Kms, across high cost build centres like Sydney. The offer is open to all managed service providers (MSPs), application service providers (ASPs), together with networking and cloud providers seeking to provide super-fast fibre to their digital infrastructure.

The pre-purchase offer is open for wholesale and retail organisations seeking access to an extensive fibre rollout by leveraging a market-leading pricing construct which is entirely new in the Australian market.

5G Networks Managing Director Joe Demase noted that the company is aggressively building fibre access to over 80 market leading data centres across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and in future Perth as part of their digital growth strategy.

“Metro Fibre networks are one of the key enablers for the Australian digital economy and 5GN wants to unlock this technology for our wholesale channel partners and enterprise customers,” Demase said.

“We are actively developing our wholesale channel and this offer is critical in supporting this growth objective. At $750/month, dark fibre access is now attainable for many of our partners looking to build high-speed connectivity to their customers and their digital infrastructure in the data centre.”

“National and global access to lower latency, secure and dedicated networking are just some of the requirements Australian business are demanding; as a result 5G Networks are investing heavily in metro-fibre access in Australia and we intend to enable this for our partners to sell,” Demase concluded.

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