5G Networks (ASX:5GN) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Intergrid

This accretive acquisition will enable 5GN to further strengthen the range of Wholesale Cloud offerings through the high-performance hosting and leveraging our significant and national and international network.

Intergrid operates a large cloud networks of dedicated servers, with extremely low latency connectivity to all major ISPs and Internet exchange providers.

The 10 cloud deployments across all major capital cities will also compliment the 5GN Cloud platform though increased access and high-speed data connectivity. This service will support ANZ’s growing demand for edge computing, which delivers cloud users a more compelling and highly valued content or application experience. The online sales and support portal at Intergrid will be further enhanced to enable service provisioning with a single click; 5GN customers and partners will now enjoy the benefits of Bare Metal or dedicated servers in all major city locations including all five (5) 5GN Data Centres.

The acquired assets at Intergrid will also accelerate the continued execution of the 5GN Infrastructure rollout to Australian data centre services. 5GN is expected to complete it own fibre rollout to over 80 data centres in Australia by the end of the year.

5G Networks Managing Director, Joe Demase stated,

“5GN are really excited to be working with Intergrid in growing our digital infrastructure capabilities. In a very short period they have developed a valuable customer base with many blue-chip ASX 200 and government customers who are committed to pursuing a cloud experience which is unique and world class. The capability for 5GN to now offer (Bare Metal) services at the edge, means that we can deliver dedicated cloud or hosting solutions pretty much to the front door of every major organisation in Australia. This enables content and application performances which are absolutely best in market.”

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