5G Networks Ltd controls the business of both 5G Networks Operations and Enspire Australia. Today investors from all around Australia may apply to invest in the business via the Prospectus found at www.5Gnetworks.com.au

5G Networks is an innovative and new take on broadband network infrastructure, and is poised to become the leading gateway for superfast broadband networks and cloud infrastructure.

High Speed Broadband Network Infrastructure

Funds raised will be used by 5G Networks to rapidly grow its network, customer base and revenue. 5G Networks will achieve growth through targeted acquisitions, which have already commenced with the acquisition of Enspire Australia, once listing is completed. In addition, 5G Networks will grow organically by continually building its customer base and partners.

Cloud based management of business systems and data

Enspire is capable of delivering the cloud solutions that thousands of Australian mid-market corporates require. Enspire has been doing business in Australia since 1999 and is a proven performer as a provider and facilitator of cloud computing services.

The Managing Director of 5G Networks, Mr Joe Demase, has been actively involved in preparing both 5G Networks and Enspire for the listing. “It has been a very busy time for all the teams at both 5G and Enspire. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Directors and the hardworking professional teams involved for their efforts. I am very proud of our work to date, and look forward bringing more innovation and great service to the sector in the future.” he said.

For more information on the 5G Network’s listing please visit www.5gnetworks.au

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