Microsoft Teams, part of Microsoft 365, is a unified communications platform that enables video conferencing, file sharing and other collaboration tools. It has become the most rapidly adopted platform globally for collaboration amongst teams.

With the drive towards remote working by many organisations, the platform has proven itself to be an excellent tool for keeping teams working across disparate locations. With the addition of a PSTN voice calling solution like 5G Networks’ Voice Bridge One, Microsoft Teams has become the central hub of many people’s daily work life.

Voice Bridge One enables all your licenced Teams users to connect to the public telephone network and call (and receive calls from) any mobile phone or landline, as well as making international calls (charged extra), from within this familiar collaboration platform. Additionally, Voice Bridge One provides other necessary business calling features like call recording, voice menus, call parking and queuing, ring and hunt groups and time-based routing.

Within your team you can continue to use all of Microsoft Teams’ great functions such as document collaboration and file transfer, video calling, screen sharing, instant messaging and group chat.

When scheduling meetings with external parties the user can add the phone number, so when the calendar reminder comes up in Teams it’s a simple task to immediately make the call. Additionally you can make that call from any device with Teams installed. This means users can make calls from their personal mobile device but use the business’ calling plan rather than their own. Or they can make the call direct from their laptop or desktop computer. No need for physical handsets on desks! This provides great mobility for workers who are on the road or working remotely for other reasons, and now that fewer people are gathering in offices, Teams calling makes hotdesking easier to accomplish too.

If you prefer desktop equipment we can provide Microsoft Teams certified handsets or active noise cancelling headsets.

Other great Voice Bridge One calling features include the ease of administration; which has been a major headache for people using legacy systems that require a technician to come out to add or remove users from the system, run additional phone extension cables or change ‘on-hold’ messaging.

The Voice Bridge One calling plan can be shared across all your users with a valid Microsoft Office 365 Business Voice licence and can completely replace you PBX phone system. It’s easily implemented by your own IT team, or 5G Networks can provide the Managed Services to make sure everything is up and running smoothly in as little time as possible. Additionally, we can provide training for administrators and end users.

Keep your existing phone number with free porting from 5G Networks. You will also need a phone number for each user which 5G Networks can also provide. And to be sure you have the kind of reliable internet connection that lets you make full use of Microsoft Teams calling all of the time, you can talk to us about premium business internet options for your organisation.

Use you existing Microsoft Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 license with the phone system add-on license, to enable Voice Bridge One. As Voice Bridge One is a stand alone service you don’t need to migrate your Office Licences to a different provider. If you don’t currently use Microsoft Office in your enterprise, we can tailor a solution for that too!