This national retail chain is a one of Australia’s leading food retailers with more than 2,500 outlets (including supermarkets) and a strong online presence.

The company manages multiple brands, businesses and product names. Demergers, acquisitions, new product launches and marketing campaigns all impact its domain name portfolio of several hundred names.

The problem

Implementing and maintaining a consistent approach to domain management was consuming significant resources and taking staff away from their primary roles.

The solution

The company subscribed to Domain Portfolio Solutions (DPS) to consolidate its domain name portfolio and provide ongoing domain management support to keep pace with business changes.

The Result

The company's domain names are up-to-date, secure and protected from accidental registration lapses, meaning they no longer risk significant downtime or reputational damage

How DPS Helped

At the start we reviewed registration details for the company’s domain portfolio, made sure all domain names were associated with the right company names, had the right email addresses, and were set to auto renew.

We also examined the company’s business and identified and registered about 150 new names to protect its brand and products, some under and some under new gTLDs.

“The business requires frequent updates to their domain portfolio. I assist them frequently to transfer domain names in or out. Every time they launch a new marketing campaign, we register new domain names,” explained James Vogel, Corporate Business Manager, DPS.

DPS also makes sure any domain associated with an active service – website, email, or any form of online system – is secured with a registry lock. Now, only one person has authority to make changes, and needs two-factor authentication to do so.

Domain management anticipates business needs

Another key aspect to managed domain services is the high-touch account-management provided for multiple business demands.

Today DPS manages more than 600 domain names covering multiple brands and business entities for the company.

We hold regular quarterly meetings with company staff to stay up-to-date with business developments that involve domain names, pro-actively register new names or make the registration changes needed to support
business activities.

In addition, the company has demerged multiple business units in recent years and we have managed the transition of several hundred domain names to the new owners of these businesses.

Another aspect of what DPS does is domain acquisition. To register the domains it needs, the company often buys names from existing owners and we do this anonymously so sellers are not tempted to increase the price.

Domain Portfolio Solutions

Domains are critical business assets that need dedicated management. Careful management of your domain names is imperative for avoiding potential disasters. And the solution is easy: engage a specialist domain name management service like the one provided by 5G Networks.

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