Learn more about achieving strategic business outcomes such as implementation of your digital strategy, taking the first step into cloud or how 5GN have partnered with some of Australia’s largest companies, empowering their digital capabilities to achieve key strategic goals.

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5G Networks case studies

Case Studies

Learn how 5G Networks has empowered Australian organisations to implement and achieve their IT strategies and goals.

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How IP Transit Works

How IP Transit Works  Not all internet service providers are able to provide wide internet reach without incurring huge costs. As part of the internet

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Selling hybrid cloud within your organisation

IT is everybody’s business; the CEO, the COO, the managers, everyone wants a say in how IT impacts their roles and departments. If you’re going to deliver hybrid cloud effectively, here are four common concerns you need to tackle head on to help bring your business leaders confidently along for the hybrid cloud journey.

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Five signs you’re ready to implement hybrid cloud

More than 77 per cent of Australian organisations have adopted more than one cloud platform, and almost half are using more than four cloud platforms. But how do you know if hybrid is right for your business and if you’re ready to move across? Here’s five indications you’re likely ready to move into a hybrid environment.

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Overcoming technology’s people problem

Keeping pace with change and maintaining your current market position requires a substantial effort, and if you’re going to innovate, you need the skills to be able to do so. This piece lists four steps on how to overcome the people problem to drive innovation and keep pace with change.

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Data Centre Reincarnation Tricks

The reincarnation of data centres is vital in driving a successful transformation of mid-market organisations. We give you three practical considerations to pay attention to when delivering your next-generation data centre strategy.

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Solving the Communication Challenge with MS Teams

Online collaboration tools and digital workplaces increase productivity by between 20-30 percent. Not only do collaboration tools facilitate greater productivity, they help with decreasing employee turnover, solve problems, create better places to work and improve business operations.

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