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What is Managed Voice?

Enable your people to connect, communicate and collaborate across your organisation with 5GN Managed Voice.
  • Have a single number across multiple devices
  • Have access to the corporate phone environment whilst not in the office
  • See users’ presence and integrate with other systems such as Outlook and CRM
  • Send Instant Messages to people inside and outside of the organisation
  • Use video on demand, both one on one and group sessions
  • Share documents and workspaces in real time without the need for additional emails and the time delay.

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5G Networks Managed Voice Provider

FeatureOffice UserExecutive UserCollaboration User
Telephony Features including CLI presentation / Restriction, Call Waiting, Call Trace, Call Forwarding, inbound and outbound call plansYesYesYes
Hunt GroupsYesYesYes
Music on HoldYesYesYes
Three Way CallYesYesYes
Directory Number HuntingYesYesYes
Selective Call HandlingYesYes
N-Way CallYesYes
Shared Call Apearance on
multiple devicesYesYes
Single Number reach on mobileYesYes
Busy Lamp FieldYesYes
PC / MAC SoftphoneYesYes
Call Park / PickupYesYes
Push to TalkYesYes
Do not DisturbYesYes
Instant MessagingYes
MyRoom CollaborationYes
Video ConferencingYes
File SharingYes
UC-One and CommunicatorYes

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