Hosting Containers as a Service in Australia

5G Networks are some of the leading providers of Containers as a Service in Australia, along with IaaS, PaaS SaaS, BaaS and DRaas. Containers as a Service (CaaS) allows users to upload, organise, scale and manage containers, applications and clusters. These processes can be enabled using  container-based virtualisation, an application programming interface or a web portal interface. When it comes to constructing secure, scalable containerised applications using the cloud or on-premises data centres, CaaS is the solution to opt for. Speak to 5G Networks today about our CaaS hosting throughout Australia if it’s time for you to optimise and elevate your systems, processes and procedures.

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Benefits of our CaaS hosting in Australia

Organisations who opt for CaaS hosting can enjoy a number of benefits. Container technology allows for:

  • Portability – when applications are created in a container, it’ll include everything it needs to run. This means you can run your application in different environments, across public or private clouds.
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness – containers don’t need their own operating system, which means they require less resources. This makes it possible to run several containers on a single server, cutting your data centre costs. Their higher utilisation level also means there’s less hardware required.
  • Reduced downtime – containers are usually isolated from one another, meaning if an application crashes for one container, other containers will still be able to use it without any issues.
  • Heightened security – the fact that containers are isolated from one another also minimises risk, as one compromised application won’t affect any other containers.
  • Improved speed – containers only take seconds to start because they don’t need an operating system book. This also allows for a faster development process, and improves the customer experience.
  • Scalability – containers are ideal for horizontal scaling, further helping you cut costs.

Make the switch to CaaS hosting

Organisations of all types and sizes can benefit from CaaS and container technology as a whole. From increased efficiency and innovation to improved portability and reduced operating costs, it’s not hard to see why CaaS is growing in popularity.

Think CaaS hosting could be right for you? Contact 5G Networks today to discuss your options.

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