Data Centre Connect leverages 5G Networks’ Ethernet network fabric to offer flexible connectivity between any two CloudPorts on the network, allowing for the creation of scalable and agile networks.

With Data Centre Connect, you can connect between CloudPorts across metro, national and international data centres. Please refer to 5G Networks’ Points-of-Presence (POPs) for a list of available data centres.

Once your CloudPorts are configured and active, you can create Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC) between two ports on the 5G Networks Ethernet network without the need for any physical infrastructure.

Data Centre Connect will establish a private point-to-point Ethernet connection between your A-end and B-end CloudPorts.

Each Data Centre Connect configuration is customizable, with bandwidth options ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. The connection is delivered as a separate VLAN on the CloudPort, ensuring complete privacy and security of your traffic from other customers on the network.

Key Features

Global 5GN CloudPort Network