Modernise your IT systems and digitise your business leveraging the control, flexibility and security of the 5GN National Private cloud.

Host and deploy your business critical applications on a platform designed to securely support performance, agility, streamlined management and reduced complexity underpinned by a 24/7 Australian based service centre.


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National Private Cloud

National Private CloudCloud locations
• Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth
Choose your Cloud Computing ModelIaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
PaaS (Platform as a Service)
SaaS (Software as a Service)
CaaS (Containers as a Service)
Cloud Control Suite• Monitoring & Alerting
• Analytics
• Orchestration and Automation
• Cloud Formation
• Self-Service
• Product catalogue
• Security & Governance
• vCenter Management
Public Cloud IntegrationIntegration and elastic provisioning into major public cloud vendors
• Azure, AWS, Alibaba
IaaS: Virtual Servers & ComputeVirtual Servers built to your custom specification
• vCPU
• Memory (GB)
• Storage (GB)
• Network (Mbps)
• vGPU
• Autoscaling
• Snapshots
IaaS: Storage• SSD/SAS/SATA
Meet any IOPS or throughput demand
IaaS: Network• Virtual firewall
• Virtual router
• VPN: Point-to-Site, Site-to Site
• Netflow packet capture
• Load balancer
CaaS (Containers as a Service)Manage and deploy containers to deliver business critical services
• Kubernetes
• Docker
• Rancher

Cloud Professional Services

Cloud Managed Services• Managed VM Essentials
• Anti-virus, Patching, SOE Management
• Managed Platform Essentials
• DBaaS
• Web
• Managed Application Essentials
• SLAs and SLTs for end-end application management
• Managed Network Essentials
• Firewall, router, switches, Custom Network Appliances
Cloud Professional Services• Cloud Migration
• Data Migration
• System integration
• Public Cloud – AWS, Azure, Alibaba
• Embedded Engineers
• DevOps
• App dev
• Web dev
• Mobile Dev
• UI
PaaS: Managed VM Essentials– Anti-virus, Patching, Backup, SOE Management
PaaS: Managed Platform Essentials – Database as a Service (DBaaS)• Microsoft SQL Platform shared or dedicated
• PostgreSQL
• Trove
PaaS: Managed Platform Essentials – Web Platform as a Service • IIS,
• Apache
DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)Disaster recovery option to national private cloud or public cloud
Security• IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
• IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
Managed Backup• Long term retention
• Multi cloud backup. Retire tape infrastructure
• Encryption at rest & transit
• Compliance reporting and remediation

5GN Cloud

5GN Data Centre

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