Deliver fast and intuitive digital experiences for your customers and workforce through application intelligence. 5GN AppSights harnesses data analytics and insights to tune your cloud applications for maximum performance and drive fast, accurate business decision making.

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Application InsightsVisualise real-time application analytics
• Curated Dashboards
• Curated Charts
• Programmable visualisation
Alerts and Tracing
Service Maps. App dependency maps
Kubernetes explorer
Improved revenue conversion
Application Performance ManagerMaximise application performance
• Meet application SLAs
• Reduce MTTD, Reduce MTTR
• Improve Apdex score
• Identify and fix transaction bottlenecks
Database Analytics, Transaction analytics
Error Status
Professional ServicesMap and Visualise application KPIs
Report and track application KPIs
Proactive service remediation
24×7 integrated support
Web BrowserReal-time website intelligence. Unlimited metric tracking including
– Apdex, session count, session duration, page views, DOM readiness, page render, error rate, rendition rate, latency, ad fill rate, view time, content views, session duration
MobileReal-time mobile app intelligence. Unlimited metric tracking including
– API errors, Error rates, crash location, crash rates, load time, app launches
Synthetics and ForecastingAPI integration and testing
Application capacity forecasting
User scripted simulation
Cloud migration simulation

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