Secure your digital assets across hybrid cloud with 5GNs web application firewall. Stay ahead of cyber-attacks and meet compliance standards from a single pane of glass governing the protection of data and privacy for you and your customer data.

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Web Security
• DDoS protection – L3-L7 detection
• AI based machine learning threat detection
• Application signature blacklist
• Websocket protection
• Main in the Browser (MiTB) protection
• Reverse proxy
• IP reputation
Security services

• Web services signatures
• XML and JSON protocol conformance
• Malware detection
• Cookie signing and encryption
• Brute force protection
• Data leak prevention
Application Attack protection• OWASP top ten application threat protection
• Third-party scanner integration
• SQL injection
• Anti-botnet security
• Filter out advanced and zero-day threats
• Session hijacking
Application delivery• Website caching
• Layer 7 load balancing
• URL rewriting
• Http Compression
• Https/SSL offloading
• Throughput up to 20Gbps
Management and Reporting• Graphical analysis and reporting tools
• Real-time dashboards


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