5G Networks and our Disaster Recovery as a Service in Australia

Disasters can affect organisations of all types and sizes, with a disaster recovery plan being necessary to minimise damage and ensure a speedy return to normality. 5G Networks offer Disaster recovery as a Service throughout Australia, helping your organisation get back on track. Recent world events have made disaster recovery a top priority for organisations of all descriptions. Our DraaS hosting in Australia involves safeguarding your online presence and business operations via seamless failover to a standby service hosted in one of our geo redundant Data Centres. This offers complete peace of mind, as you’ll never have to worry about syncing your data or manually keeping an eye on your servers. Business continuity has never been easier than with 5G Network’s DraaS hosting. Our disaster recovery plans are fully customised to meet the needs of your business, with expert guidance taking you from design to implementation.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service - DRaaS

Benefits of choosing our DraaS hosting in Australia

So why opt for our disaster recovery services? Having our DraaS hosting set up ensures:

  • Your disaster recovery processes are streamlined
    DraaS allows you to access your backups and recovery resources from one platform, minimising confusion and speeding up your recovery.
  • You won’t need to maintain separate data centres
    DraaS offers redundancy by way of multiple geographic data centre locations, without the expense associated with this kind of widespread infrastructure.
  • You’ll have access to specialised recovery resources and experts
    5G Networks offer the external expertise needed to recover from disaster, as well as the specialised equipment necessary to provide critical assistance.
  • You’ll speed up your recovery time
    Having a plan in place before a disaster strikes will allow you to recover quicker. Your processes will already be established, all infrastructure will be able to be tested regularly, and your team will be well-versed in your DraaS platform to take action when needed.

When time is of the essence, turn to 5G Networks for our tailored disaster recovery hosting. We help you develop the necessary procedures and protocol to get your system back up and running after disaster strikes. This helps to avoid data loss, business disruption and the potential financial impact of any downtime that may occur.

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Searching for an alternative solution to DraaS hosting? 5G Networks also offers CaaS, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS to support and elevate your business.

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Access more than 1000+ networks via flexible direct connect, peering and 5GN cloud services. Flexibly build a hybrid cloud by interconnecting offices, data centres and public cloud providers of your choice.


5GN Data Centre colocation services help you safeguard your mission critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability, coupled with ISO accreditation, 24/7 onsite security and proven expertise in supporting high-density deployments.

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