An agile and secure network that enables you to connect to your data at ultra-high speeds with minimal latency.

Our Premium Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet and NBN offerings ensure choice and connectivity flexibility with our nationwide ultra-speed network, connecting your business to your choice of cloud or data centre.

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Your choice of flexible connectivity

Wireless, fibre or NBN connectivity meshed into our managed network to provide diverse access to your choice of cloud and data centre services. Whether you’re connecting a single site to the internet or collaborating across multiple sites, 5GN Managed Networks provides fast & secure access to your key business assets.

Enhanced application performance

Enjoy ultra-speed, low latency data connectivity over our nationwide network, to ensure application performance meets your business needs. Quality of Service on every link enables you to prioritise and optimise your most important application traffic.

Enterprise Grade

Secure private managed network to ensure service availability and protection for your mission critical applications.

Immediate access to local support

24/7 Australian based customer support teams to assist in designing, installing and managing your network.

Product Offerings

Premium Ethernet

5GN Ethernet is a flexible solution for connecting to your data and applications at ultra-high speeds with minimal latency. With our secure 5GN Managed Network, we enable your business to connect to the cloud, data centres, and beyond.

Wireless Ethernet

High-speed, flexible access into the 5GN Managed Network. A perfect solution for sites which are hard to reach with 'fixed' access methods and provides a quality of service comparable to fibre. Best of all, your business can be connected within days, not weeks.


Enhancing employee efficiency with 5GN Managed Networks

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How managed networks deliver the performance and security to power your digital future

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