For many businesses large and small, making the switch to augmenting in-house IT support with a managed IT provider is a no-brainer. Technology is more integrated into the workplace than ever before, making it critical for organisations to adopt more agile, cost-effective solutions to keep everything humming along.

Managed IT support services offer a variety of advantages which make it possible for organisations of any size to benefit:

  • Bring industry and technology expertise into your organisation
  • More predictable and affordable long-term costs
  • Can be scaled quickly for fast-growing businesses
  • Provides a centralised solution for multiple teams, branches or offices
  • Wider knowledge base and greater resources
  • Provides access to 24/7 support

The benefits are undeniable, but now for the real question: how can your organisation leverage expert IT support and get the most out of this strategy?

Be clear on your needs

It’s tempting to think of IT support as one comprehensive package – you either have it or you don’t. But your operational needs may not be the same as the business next door.

Though larger organisations can engage end-to-end services that cover every facet of IT support, most small-to-medium enterprises benefit (and save more) by clearly identifying their needs and engaging the appropriate services. Will you need support by phone, email, live chat or a combination of all three? Does your business use Windows or Mac computers? Do your staff use industry-specific software or just the Microsoft Office suite? Is 24/7 support necessary, or will you get by with access during normal working hours?

With a clearer idea of what your team needs, you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective service available.

Decide what you can handle in-house and consider short term engagements from IT leaders

Now that you know what kind of IT support you need, take some time to mull over what can and can’t be handled within the business. The best way to proceed will depend entirely on the structure of your business: some prefer to fully outsource IT services while others move specific functions like account setup and device allocation to a small internal team.

Planning the structure of your IT functions not only helps you manage the budget more effectively, but also creates clear expectations around how and when support will be provided. Improving this level of understanding between your staff and your managed services provider ensures any issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Be proactive with staff training

Let’s be honest: IT issues are virtually inevitable no matter how robust your systems are. Having expert support seems like the obvious solution, but it won’t reach its maximum potential unless your staff are well trained in the technology they use. IT support is critical for responding to problems and minimising downtime, and it can be a great way to free up more time for your in-house staff to focus on more important things. However, it will never be as effective if your staff are regularly troubleshooting basic issues that could have been solved in-house or avoided altogether.

Investing in your staff’s IT knowledge and skills will help clear rudimentary requests from the support pipeline, allowing your managed service provider to focus on more serious issues without delay. It will also help your staff maintain productivity with fewer work interruptions caused by IT problems.

Consider workshops and consulting

Managed IT services aren’t just about providing remote support. At 5G Networks, we also offer IT workshops and consulting for businesses in need of expertise beyond routine technical support. Working closely with an expert consultant can be the perfect way to design and implement the most effective IT strategy for your team, paving the way for a better, more digital-focused future for your business.

We also provide system integration, embedded support teams and application support, allowing you to capitalise on a wide range of services beyond remote support. Get in touch to find out more about how our managed IT services in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and all throughout Australia can help keep your business running smoothly and within budget.

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