Don’t underestimate the importance of a powerful business phone system in 2021. While instant messaging tools and email are often the focus of attention, many businesses continue to rely on effective business phone systems to adequately serve the needs of their staff and customers. However, if your business wants to operate at peak performance, you need to be sure that you’re choosing the best business phone system for your goals.

With numerous types of business phone systems available to choose from, knowing which one offers the features that make sense for your company isn’t always easy. Fortunately, we’ve outlined a few key considerations to help you make the right choice. With 5G Networks shaping telecommunications in Australia, our expertly managed systems help our customers skyrocket their success.

Understand Your Options

To know which business phone system will work for your team, you have to be sharply aware of what’s available. Although there are many systems to consider, three of the main options are On-Premise PBX, IP PBX and Virtual VOIP. With each of these systems providing additional options like browser or virtual features, as well as cloud-based or on-site VoIP, there’s a lot to consider.

On-Premise PBX

On-Premise PBX phones use traditional phone lines to communicate. Meanwhile, the servers required for these communications will be stored and maintained on the premises of the business. With these business phone systems offering features such as call transferring, hold functionalities and voicemail-to-email, they are robust and won’t fail if your internet connection happens to go down.


Instead of using traditional phone lines, IP PBX business phone systems use the internet to send and receive communications through physical phones. Based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), businesses have the option to choose between on-site or remote hosted servers. IP PBX is a highly flexible system, but it requires a particularly reliable internet service to guarantee seamless functionality.

Virtual VoIP

The main benefit of using Virtual VoIP as your business phone system is that it doesn’t require any hardware. With calls made via your chosen service provider’s app or your computer’s browser, this kind of software means there’s no need to install physical phones. Like IP PBX, this internet-based communication method requires a fast and stable connection to succeed.

Consider Your Demand

Now that you understand the main business phone systems available, you have to closely assess how busy your service will be. If you’re the kind of operation that handles an enormous amount of phone calls every day, relying on internet-based technology might put you in a tough situation if your connection happens to fail. However, setting up a PBX system can encounter huge costs as you have to purchase physical equipment and account for regular charges.

Look Towards the Future

Once you’ve determined the budget you can put towards your business phone system and reflected on your demand, you should always consider how your business will look in the future. While you might not need a business phone system with all the bells and whistles right now, investing in your communication technology is one way to ensure your business can continue to meet the needs of its staff and customers. While IP PBX systems are great for a wide range of businesses, Virtual VoIP systems offer far greater flexibility and scalability, which might give your company a competitive advantage.

Talk to the Experts

With so many considerations to make, choosing the ideal business phone system for your organisation is difficult to get right. However, 5G Networks’ talented team of telecommunications professionals ensures we can help your business make the smartest decision for your needs. Get in touch with our friendly Australia-based customer service team to learn more about our products today.

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