We no longer need to enforce the benefits of cloud computing. Scalability, redundancy, cost reduction, flexibility, the list goes on. However, these are but a few reasons as to why your business should be utilising the cloud to store data and run applications. As businesses progress, so does cloud technology. Businesses now have OpenStack cloud frameworks to deploy as their cloud technology.

OpenStack is an open cloud framework that supports both private and public cloud deployments. Fulfilling the key requirements of cloud in scalability and simple implementation, OpenStack allows the automatic deployment and management of cloud architecture, which can be easily integrated with other software.

Controlling large pools of compute, network and storage resources throughout a data centre and managed through a dashboard, OpenStack is used by companies across the globe to run their business every day, reducing costs and increasing productivity. OpenStack is supported and utilised by global companies including Dell, IBM, Cisco and WeChat parent company, Tencent.

OpenStack architecture involves a catalogue of immediately available resources and services in Compute Capability, Networking Capability and Bare Metal. OpenStacks numerous out of the box services are providing businesses a flexible and diverse method to deploy cloud infrastructure. And with many successful OpenStack adoption cases such as Tencent, many IT Managers are turning to OpenStack as part of their cloud strategy.

Business Benefits

OpenStack allows businesses to operate in a public cloud manner however, in a private cloud environment. Similar to a private cloud environment, OpenStack provides upfront costing and contract deals, unlike a public cloud environment, also discussed in our previous Public Vs Private cloud article. Although we are constantly witnessing leading enterprise and government companies across the globe adopting OpenStack environments, it is the perfect solution for start-ups and businesses seeking to step into the cloud through a simple and cost-effective solution.

Availability Zones

Through an OpenStack environment, businesses are able to have data replicated in multiple locations. With 5G Networks having a national presence and access to its own privately owned data centres in various locations across Australia, clients have access to availability zones within the OpenStack environment, providing the ability to store data in multiple locations. Therefore, if a rare outage occurred at one availability zone, you will still be able to access your data and applications from another availability zone, meaning your business will not experience any downtime.

Open Source

OpenStack is often dubbed as the largest open source project to date. It combines computing, networking, and storage subsystems in layers via an Application Programming Interface (API) within a single platform. The open source environment allows you to create a truly software defined data centre. For instance, you can modify the APIs to enhance integration and subsystem usage as well as extend resource orchestration beyond your OpenStack environment to the public cloud.


Without orchestration, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms are limited to confined cloud environments. Through the use of OpenStack, businesses are able to run new technologies such as Containers and proven technologies including VMs. Containers only require a thin operating system to run applications, providing the ability to increase workload density in an OpenStack environment without having to purchase more hardware. With the use of containers, creating infrastructure efficiency and scalability is seamless, as moving workloads between OpenStack, VMware and public clouds where necessary has become effortless.

Through the use of OpenStack, businesses have enhanced control over their cloud environment. OpenStacks API provides access to all of the components of the stack with the ability to manage them directly. OpenStack also provides businesses with agility benefits in deploying and providing services to your users, as well as the capability to rapidly and easily scale down where necessary.


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