5GN has developed a comprehensive Cyber Security Assessment

The Cyber Security Assessment has been designed by the Australian Government and the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to protect an organisations’ internet-connected information technology network. The assessment is based on ASD’s experience in producing cyber threat intelligence, responding to cyber security incidents and conducting penetration testing.

5GN have assessed the framework and worked it into an actionable program to help mitigate Australian businesses from cyber attacks.

The assessment is the first step to help your business mitigate the bulk of cyber security threats, an independent security audit is the only way to be completely sure of your risks. Our program will help to identify phishing, DDOS attacks, malware, viruses, bots while also assessing your backup and restore processes. 

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Identify Your Cyber Security Position

After our Cyber Security Assessment, we will be able to explain and advise you on how you can achieve Cyber Security compliance.
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Receive Your Cyber Security Strategy

 We will be able to advise on cost effective and deliverable hardening solutions.

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Small Business to Enterprise Ongoing Managed IT Security Programs

We work with hundreds of Australian businesses as a long term cyber security partner.

Cyber security attacks happen daily and make news weekly.

Mitigate your risk today.


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The key mitigation strategies reviewed in your Cyber Security Assessment are:

  • Application control
  • Patch applications
  • Configure Microsoft Office macro settings
  • User application hardening
  • Restrict administrative privileges
  • Patch operating systems
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Regular backups

The Cyber Security Assessment helps protects your business

Level 1

All businesses should obtain this level for confidence in cyber security policies and procedures.

Level 2

Hardening the Framework.  This level builds on the assessment with a more robust implementation strategy.

Level 3

The ultimate cyber security level to aim for (generally used for banks and military).

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