5G Networks Limited (ASX: 5GN) (Company) is pleased to announce today the commercial availability of our 5GN Cloud, as part of the company’s Cloud Federation, designed for Australia’s business market.

5GN Cloud, a private cloud platform, is the cornerstone of 5GN’s Cloud Federation, an innovative multi-cloud ecosystem which seamlessly integrates globally recognised hyper-scalers such as Alibaba, AWS, and Azure with high speed connectivity and market leading data centres.

Existing digital operations for many organisations across the country were found to be inadequate with the outbreak of COVID-19. According to research conducted by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic impact on Australian business, with 80% of respondents highlighting the impacts as being disruptive.

Launched today, 5G Networks’ cloud solution will be targeted at mid-sized businesses who have struggled with implementing effective digital transformation in the past. It will also be targeted at businesses whose current IT footprint leaves them ill-equipped to handle the new business continuity, or flexible workplace requirements resulting from the current operational environment.

5GN Cloud will be locally hosted in the 5GN data centres which are integrated across three availability zones in Australian capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Focused on professional services, online media/e-commerce and the education sectors, the new platform unlocks simplicity, flexibility and control for organisations seeking to optimise cloud technologies for modernising existing infrastructure or updating legacy digital operations.

The 5GN Cloud Federation offers customer choice and embraces simplicity for deploying workloads across multi-cloud architectures.
The platform can support provision of business applications across any of the following platforms within the federated market place:

  • Public cloud
  • 5GN Private cloud
  • High speed data networks
  • 5GN Data Centres

Importantly, customers seeking to migrate legacy infrastructures or update existing cloud technologies can be easily supported through the migration and management services embedded into the 5GN Cloud Federation service architecture.

Joe Demase Managing Director of 5G Networks, said the Company was committed to delivering a next generation cloud solution at a time when Australia’s businesses needed help and support for their digital operations.

I am very proud of the 5GN development teams who worked tirelessly and collaboratively with our technology partners, across several geo-regions to bring this best-in-market cloud technology to life for customers. Over 15 years of hosting and cloud experience has underpinned the successful delivery of this next generation cloud project. I look forward to delivering on the future roadmap of this critical digital program in the months to come.

Garry White, National Sales Director for 5G Networks, noted that several market leading partners were involved in the solution’s development, including Alibaba.

Simplicity is at the core of our mission to provide our business customers with best-of-breed solutions that can give them ease of access to the cloud. 5GN Cloud and the Cloud Federation are now available for customers to enjoy across their business. The solution is particularly relevant for those organisations who have recently experienced challenges in deploying secure digital services to their remote workforce or lacked scalability when their e-commerce platforms lost revenue during peak demand times. Talk to us, have a conversation and get access to a demonstration. Our solution just makes cloud simple.

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