The Australian Government’s Cyber Security Centre has produced recommendations for all businesses to address gaps within their cyber security policies and procedures. This is why the government has introduced the essential 8 which is set of directives to guide business to have an effective cyber security strategy.

Over 90% of breaches are the result of human error
47% of all recorded cyber-attacks are targeted against SMEs
60% of small businesses who experience a breach go out of business within 6 months


We offer a free cyber security solution tool for businesses that include:

  • Online cyber risk assessment and tracking
  • Ready-to-edit cyber policy templates and checklists.
  • Library of security awareness posters

Access Free online cyber awareness training here:

If after doing the cyber security assessment your company receives a low score contact us at [email protected] and we can provide you with professional services to assist with any gaps in your cyber security for your small business. Continue reading for more information…


Discover the more intensive services 5gn provide around cyber security aimed at SMEs:

Our field engineers conduct a comprehensive 20-hour professional services gap analysis audit, evaluating the company’s framework. This process enables us to assess the current state of the business’s cybersecurity and identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, our engineers determine and implement the necessary measures to enhance the company’s cybersecurity posture. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should strive to achieve level 1 within the three security levels of the essential 8.

With our Managed IT service, we offer assistance to meet one of the several different maturity levels of the Essential 8. One aspect of the Essential 8 is patching business applications. Our engineers can assist in setting up automated patching for your business to provide peace of mind. Our engineers will also conduct an assessment of all your applications to make sure that multi-factor authentication is enabled correctly. If MFA is found not to be in use, we will advise you on how to enable it or provide a secure alternative to any system that is currently in place.

Our Managed IT service additionally provides other aspects of the Essential 8 such as restricting administrative privileges, application controls, restricting Microsoft office macros and user application hardening. This comprehensive service safeguards against unauthorized access and theft of company information. Moreover, it ensures that employees can only install work-related applications on laptops, eliminating the risk of personal data exposure. The same protective measures extend to company-issued phones and personal devices under this service.

Regular backups ensure the safeguarding of company data, including business applications and personal data of staff members, such as emails, Word documents, spreadsheets, and more.