Our Groundbreaking Data Network Services in Adelaide

Whether you’ve after high-speed business internet or a fully functioning cloud data centre, 5GN in Adelaide can assist. Our forward-thinking managed services help Adelaide businesses keep up with changing times, networking needs and security requirements. We take your mind off the day to day functioning of your business thanks to our wholesale cloud data centres in Adelaide, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

We act as your business partner throughout all aspects of your digitisation process, from offering cloud solutions to wholesale business internet in Adelaide. As a licensed telecommunications carrier, we are able to offer a centralised service, a single point of contact, and world-class business support.

Experience the difference a cloud data centre or data network services can make for your business by reaching out to 5G Networks today. With our affordable wholesale pricing, it’s now possible for businesses of all sizes and descriptions to invest in cloud computing.

Benefits of our wholesale managed services for your Adelaide business

Recent world events have highlighted the necessity to move to secure, cloud-based business operations. From remote working requirements to increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks, it’s never been more important to have secured managed services and reliable business internet for your Adelaide organisation.

By partnering with 5G Networks, you can enjoy:

  • A scalable solution: we offer tailored, modular solutions that grow with your business.
  • Cloud readiness: we make it easy to shift your entire business to the cloud, modernising and digitising your business in the process.
  • Minimised downtime: our world-class data centres offer superior service with minimal disruption or downtime.
  • Reduced operational costs: with there being no need to manage your own physical IT infrastructure, 5G Networks make it possible to lower your overheads.
  • Unparalleled security: our data centres offer unbeatable security while maintaining frictionless access.

Feel empowered with our seamless digital experience, tying together fast internet, data connectivity, cloud, data centre and managed services.

Upgrade to our wholesale data network services in Adelaide today

Our cloud data centres in Adelaide are designed to suit a variety of business needs. You can choose from hybrid or private networking, or a range of other cloud-based services like SaaS, DraaS, IaaS and PaaS. No matter your chosen solution, you can be sure you will receive a world-class service that meets the needs of today’s complex business environment.

Ask us about our scalable solutions and how they can promote growth, maximise functionality and minimise inefficiencies. From a simple business internet update to a complete digital transformation, 5G Networks can assist – just get in touch today to get started.

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Business Internet Service Provider Adelaide

Most local small and medium businesses start working from their dining tables before moving on to a home office, graduating to a rented office space within Adelaide when the time is ripe. As your company becomes more and more established in your day-to-day operations, ensuring that all processes run smoothly during business hours is essential.

Unlike residential internet service providers, 5G Networks provides data networks that can meet the connectivity demands of a growing company. Regardless of whether you are just starting up or if you are experiencing growth and looking to expand, we have the technological capabilities to support you along the way.

Why Choose Our Business Internet In Adelaide
With our Business Internet connection plans, you will be able to do more than just answer emails. Whether it is video calls with suppliers or uploading dynamic content for sharing, we have the bandwidth to support all your business activities online. Should you ever need assistance regarding setup or issues, our local support team is ready and available. You will experience shorter wait times to speak to someone who is located right here on Australian soil and can help implement a solution for you. No more holding on the phone for hours at a time with other internet providers, only to receive a solution that is not applicable for your company’s situation.

Scale Your Capabilities As Your Company Grows
If you are at a juncture in your business growth where your digital operations cannot keep up with your workload, it is a good idea to upgrade. The benefit of switching from other internet providers to 5G Network’s Business Internet plans is that you have flexibility to scale anytime you want to. Whether it is a busy business period, or a downturn in the economy, we have different internet plans at competitive pricing that will suit the different needs of your business. Scaling becomes a much easier process when it does not involve a fixed contract, and you only pay for what you need.

Protect Your Adelaide Business With A Secure Network
As with most things digital, security is always one of the top concerns of any company that relies on data networks to run part or most of their business operations. This is why we take an active approach to reduce the exposure risk to malicious attacks to businesses on our Business Internet plans. From implementing security services against cyber threats to monitoring for DNS activity, we keep up with the latest security solutions to protect Adelaide businesses like yours.

To further support local businesses from start up to success, our suite of network solutions including Cloud and Data Centre Hosting services will provide adequate support for expansion. This is the reason we offer a diverse range of digital solutions all across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond. Learn more about how a partnership with the one of the leading network and data service providers can benefit your business now.

Voice Bridge One

Adding PSTN Voice to Microsoft Teams will enable your team to accomplish more by using a single platform for all voice and communication needs.

Project Services

To accomplish targeted business goals, each IT project should be designed and delivered more efficiently. 5G Networks can plan, execute, and manage all aspect of your IT project, from creating a private network to link all of your offices to putting in place security measures to satisfy compliance.

Embedded & Managed IT Services

We provide a fully outsourced IT solution that is tailored to each organization’s specific requirements. To guarantee that your mission-critical IT systems are serviced and optimised from the back so that you may lead from the front, access over 100 Australian-based engineers.

5G Networks Products and Services Adelaide

Do you have local IT technicians in Adelaide?

Yes. We have an office in Townsville that provide IT solutions that are best suited to your business. We also have access to over 100 engineers that are based in Australia.

Do you provide mobile phone products and services?